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Alnmouth Rail Users Group announcements:

Minutes of our AGM meeting 10th of June 2010
Minutes of the 12th of May 2011 Meeting

Alnmouth Rail Users Group Newsletter no.1 
December 2011 

ARUG has worked through the past year to improve services and has communicated with the diverse train operators to inform them of things we think the rail users need/like to have done. 
This has resulted in the following achievements: 

From the 12th of December 2011 there will be an extra stop during weekdays for the 8:12 pm XC service from Newcastle at Alnmouth (this train will also provide a new direct service from Southampton , Reading and Oxford, and also provide a good connection at Newcastle out of the 5:00 pm from London ís King Cross. Furthermore, on Saturdays, there will be extra services at 09:08 am to Newcastle (and stations to Plymouth via Birmingham ) and 12:58 to Newcastle (and stations to London ).   

Through involvement of Sir Alan Beith, Northern have assured us that Alnmouth Station will remain as is, unless there are other developments from the government.  


News from the Aln Valley Railway Society:

Newsletter February 2016

Alnmouth Station car park.
News from Passenger Focus: Issue 13 November 2011 
Crosscountry launches groundbreaking E-Ticket
Outcome of our October 2008 ARUG questionnaire 
ARUG at Northern Rail summit

New East Coast timetable: Latest news

All Alnmouth station users are reminded that the new winter timetable comes in operation. Please check your journey times as there have been a few minor changes to times.

  An extra Cross Country (XC) service on weekdays from Newcastle at 2011 to Alnmouth. This provides a good connection out of the East Coast 1700 from London and also provides a new direct return service from Southampton, Reading, Oxford and intermediate stations via Birmingham.

  An extra XC service on Saturdays from Alnmouth at 0908 to Newcastle, Birmingham, Plymouth and intermediate stations. This goes some way to reducing the previous 4 hour gap in XC services. This also provides a further opportunity to make use of the reduced price XC only fare for a return to Newcastle on a Saturday, as the majority of return services in afternoon/early evening are XC.

 An extra East Coast service on Saturdays from Alnmouth at 1258 to Newcastle and London. There are now East Coast trains to London at approx 2 hourly intervals on Saturdays and the overall (all operator) Saturday service is now approx hourly from start of service through to mid afternoon.

Please feel free to send any feedback to this e-mail address or contact us via the ARUG website, or

Find cheaper rail fares  
Please find below links to cheaper rail fares: and: 

Find cheaper rail fares from the Transport Direct journey-planning website: Type in your start and destination points and the times you want to travel, then wait for the search engine to come up with a range of fares and their availability. Transport Direct claims to have just recorded the 50 millionth user of its website tools. In a recent survey, 92 per cent of users said they find the Transport Direct site easy to use; almost half of users were given a quicker route for a familiar journey. Real time information on road and rail disruption allows travelers to avoid unnecessary delays to their journey while extensive maps show the locations of bus stops and train stations, and also suggest where traffic congestion may occur. - 

DfT press release  
A classic example of the railway increasing fares by stealth and over complicating an already complex web of fares and anomalies. 
On 02 Jan 2012, Cross Country (XC) have introduced restrictions on the use of Off peak tickets, including "off peak returns" - formerly known as saver returns, which are used for journeys of > 50 miles allowing return travel up to a month later. These tickets are flexible with no advance purchase requirement. 
Off peak returns, on routes where XC sets the fares will no longer be valid BEFORE 0930 Monday to Friday. 
  This is a very complex area. As far as Alnmouth is concerned: 
No impact on northbound departures as the first XC train is after 0930, and XC do not set any fares to northbound destinations. 
For southbound departures on the 0708 and 0759 
No impact if travelling to Derby or intermediate stations between Alnmouth and Derby - this is because East Coast sets this fare, even though your journey may wholly involve a XC train 
If travelling to Tamworth/Birmingham or south thereof, the return price has potentially DOUBLED (e.g. buying one through ticket to Birmingham would now cost £202 on these departures, rather than the off peak return of about half this figure). 
GOOD NEWS - there is a perfectly legitimate work around to avoid this unjust restriction. This involves use of a "split ticket" i.e. buying two different tickets to cover your journey. This is perfectly valid as long as the train stops at the station where you have split your tickets in both directions - there is no need to leave the train. 
For example - if you have to travel to Birmingham on the 0708 departure, to avoid having to buy the "£202 return" - 
1. Purchase an off peak return from Alnmouth to Sheffield - cost £66.80 
2. Purchase an off peak return from Sheffield to Birmingham - cost £40. (The 0708 departure from Alnmouth leaves Sheffield at 0954, so off peak tickets are valid by the time this train gets there). 
Alnmouth ticket office will sell you both tickets. In general ticket office staff do not have to advise a passenger that there may be a cheaper split ticket alternative, but have to sell the split tickets if the passenger asks. ARUG believes that the Alnmouth staff are aware of the anomaly and will try and help secure the best fare. 

ARUG has provided this information in good faith, however errors and omissions excepted. Please check fare alternatives using on line journey planners to obtain the best split ticket options (suggestions are Sheffield or Derby if heading to Birmingham, Midlands, South Coast or South West)

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